Hello friends and fellow believers of First Christian. Our routine sense of what is normal has been jarred. However, we
remain people who seek God and dwell in the refuge of God’s strength. I thank God for each one of you!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “church.” Church has come to mean something official, like a structure or a
denomination or a place. Originally and quite literally church is a “gathering.” In Acts 8, persecution scattered the
church. However, during a time of scattering and fear . . . the church possessed peace and was encouraged. “Meanwhile the church/gathering had peace and was built up living in the fear of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 9:31). We are still a Spirit connected church even though physically scattered!

You remain an important part of the gathered people of God. First, we will gather online each Sunday through May 24.
As CDC guidelines continue to change, please be prepared for plans to adjust. We will post my sermon each Sunday on
our YouTube channel, which can be accessed by smartphone or computer. Continue meeting as the
Church Where We Are. We grow as a church even while scattered across Albuquerque. Second, all meetings are
suspended at our Montgomery Boulevard location. No ministries or classes or groups will meet at our building.


Many are asking, “What Can I Do?”
1. Pray that the pandemic can be halted. Pray for those whose jobs and lives are being altered in significant
ways. These events always hit the most vulnerable people in the most severe ways.
2. Make use of this disruption to encourage people in prayer and relationship (calls, snail mail, emails, video
chats, etc.).
3. Connect online for teaching and communion each Sunday (and more) FirstABQ.org/Sundays
4. Meet online with your weekly First Group (or consider starting a group)
5. Watch for more online resources from First Christian
6. Thank you for your continued financial offerings. Christians witness by giving God’s love to the world. So, express the love of Jesus by sharing toilet paper!
7. Share how you are willing to serve others. Share how you are gathering with others in First Groups, emailing
us WhereWeAre@FirstABQ.org


Finally, let’s practice healthy connections — communication and physical interaction. COMMUNICATION: Let your
communications online and in person be full of grace, seeking to build others up. Please avoid conversations, posts, re-
posting that operates from fear, sarcasm, and division. We are in this together! PHYSICAL: Wash hands 30 seconds with
warm water and soap. Cover coughs/sneezes with arm/shoulder/tissue (not hand). Do not touch your face, eyes,
mouth. Avoid public places/gatherings. Christians can lead with love in our communications and contacts with others.


Always Praying,


Brady Bryce, Senior Minister

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