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Prayer Journal

May 2023

Church & Community 

El Porvenir: After a long, hard year of being closed due to the forest fire in 2022, EPCC is planning on opening back up on a limited basis and hosting groups throughout May, June, October, and November of 2023. Volunteers needed, sign up at: 

Angels Acts of Kindness: Funds & volunteers to serve God’s people 

Ukraine: Prayers for the well-being of the people & families 

Schools: Prayers for children, teachers, & parents 

Family Matters 

Sydney & JT Headly: prayers for a healthy pregnancy & birth this summer 


Al Guerra: on-going prayers for treatments 

Eileen: friend of Nancy Noonan, hopes to be in a clinical trial 

Leslie Arnold: for good health, balanced medicine levels, less pain and clear scans. 

Patricia: Tom & Carol Anderson’s daughter-in-law, is currently going through chemo treatment 

Susan Dickey: starting chemo for breast cancer 


Bud Cavin: recovering from aortic valve replacement surgery 

Mary Cavin: Health concerns 

Lawrence Garcia: recovery from back surgery 

Carolyn Neuber: rehab from knee surgery and back compressed fracture 

Addie Mohney: on-going health concerns 

Leah Snyder: sister-in-law, Kym Klarich and father Jerry Fisher, have long-term health issues 

Jayne Gregory: recovering well after back surgery 

Leon Lyons: dementia 

Buddy Whitlock: on-going health issues 

Sue Whitlock: the health of her sister, Sally 

Shaye Kirkpatrick (Romero): on-going prayers for her continued health & healing 

Tom & Carol Anderson: their daughter, Liz, ongoing issues with seizures 

Rhonda Bahl: hospital admittance 

Carol Nelson’s brother, Dan for continuous wisdom and peace 

Lindsay Parish: on-going health issues 

Erik, son of Mike & Debbie Mitchell, had surgery for appendicitis and an infection. On-going prayers for health. 


Cheryl Swart: for the passing of her sister, Candi 

Christy Tavitas: for the passing of her sister, Emmi 

Family of John Cafton, who passed away 

Elder Prayer Time 

The last Sunday of each month - at 6:00pm - Contact them with any prayer needs or questions at elders@ 

Pathways to Share Prayers & Praises 

1 - Submit Online 

2 - Submit through our ChurchCenter App 

3 - Fill out a connect card & drop it in the offering box 

Elder Prayer Time

March 26th at 6:00pm

Contact them with any prayer concerns or questions at

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication

with thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God.

                                                - Philippians 4:6

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