First Christian Church

Of Albuquerque


Congregational Meeting 

November 14th, 2021

Elder Bios


Lawrence Garcia

Lawrence has been a member at First since 2015, & most of his family was even baptized here at First!  He has been active in small groups, as well as with community outreach, Angels Acts of Kindness.  Lawrence is married to Trish & together have 3 kids.  He is looking forward to helping the congregation grow on an individual level.


Lawrence Junker

Lawrence has been attending First Christian Church since 1995.  He was baptized by Ric Huxford at First in July 1996.  Lawrence has served as a youth group sponsor, children & adult bible class leader & has lead several other ministries.  He has served as an Elder for First for over 10 years.  He also served as the chair for Senior Pastor search committee which resulted in calling the Bryce family to First.  When necessary, Lawrence handles the legal & media obligations of the church.  He currently leads an in-home small group on Sunday evenings. 

Lawrence is a shareholder with the law firm of Guebert Gentile & Piazza PC located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  His law practice involves complex civil litigation, insurance, & probate.  He has been married to Denae Junker (Mowry) for 21 years.  They have two children, Cadence (15) & Carsten (8). 


Current Elders:

PD Stoddard

Chris Sturgess

Lawrence Junker

Todd Zeter

James Parish

Budget 2022


Our Finance Team, Staff, & Elders at First recommend an annual budget of $618,345.  On a weekly basis, we need $11,891 to fund our ministry & operations fully.


In 2022, First will continue to Follow Jesus, with eagerness and purpose.  We will focus on Worship, Family Ministries, Small Groups, Children, Youth, and Outreach (which includes both local and international efforts), as well continuing to care for our current facilities.  Through these areas, First will concentrate our efforts to have the biggest impact for His Kingdom.  We have a wonderful staff, and we continue to explore new and creative ways to share the Gospel.  The above budget provides our ministry teams the ability to reach, teach, and impact our community.  We celebrate what God is doing at First and welcome your active prayer and participation.


In preparing our annual budget, we take into account our current giving – the monies we receive from your tithes and offerings.  For fiscal year 2021 (January 2021 – December 2021) we project our giving to be $567,000 (we estimate giving from the time we create the budget to end of the current fiscal year).  This number is only general fund offerings and does not include the additional funds assigned to designated areas.  We believe this provides a good indicator of our giving capacity and potential.


Your financial generosity in 2021 honors God! We invite you to grow in your giving to increase the impact on Albuquerque & His Kingdom for years to come. Let’s Follow Jesus into the new year!

                                                        2020                2021            2022


Compensation & Benefits            328,000           347,400       351,328 

Operations                                     60,200             68,510         70,774 

Utilities                                             28,600             28,620         30,180 

Debt service                                   34,200             34,200         34,200 


Total Operations Budget              451,000           478,730       486,482 



Administrative/Finance                800                  *                   *

Camp                                             6,000               6,000           6,500 

Family Ministry                                3,000                3,000          3,000 

Children                                          12,900             11,700        12,045 

Teen                                                 6,500               6,500          10,200 **

Missions                                            41,600             43,300        44,996

Neighborhood Connections        10,300             11,300        11,697

Worship                                            9,300               9,900          9,375 

Facilities                                           19,000             11,400        31,050 

Benevolence                                  3,000               3,000          3,000 


Total Ministries Budgets                 112,400           106,100      131,863 


Total Proposed Budget for 2020   563,400           584,830      618,345 


Estimated Weekly Giving              10,835             11,247        11,891 



*Now Included In Operations

** Includes transportation for CIY, Camp, etc.

Voting takes place in person, November 14th

at 10:00am at First Christian Church ABQ

in the Family Center - Breakfast to follow.