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First Christian Church

Of Albuquerque


Congregational Meeting 

November 6th, 2022

Elder Bios


PD Stoddard

PD has been in Albuquerque for 20 years and has been coming to First for all those years. From the time he started attending, he has jumped into serving. Starting as the softball team shortstop, to leading the Finance Committee. He has also served with the Youth Group, downstairs with the kids and on stage in various capacities (you might recall his stellar performance as “Shopper #2” in The Christmas Shoes musical some 17 years ago). PD has served as an elder sense 2014, and the last 5 years as Elder Chair. When not on the First Campus, PD works for Amazon where he oversees financial operations for 5 fulfillment centers throughout the southwest. He has been married to Amanda (Pendergrass) for 12 years, and has 2 girls, Lilly and Finley, that has probably run into or almost run into you at some point. PD is most excited about how First is a church that is ready and willing to dive into whatever God has in store for the community, for First and for the individual members in our congregation.


Chris Sturgess

Chris has served as an Elder at First Christian for the last few years. He has also, with his wife Stacy, led small groups, occasionally filled in for Todd Zeter in Sunday school class and has given the message sometimes when Brady has been out of town or when the pastoral search was on. Additionally, he has served sporadically in Clubhouse and with VBS.

Chris and his wife Stacy have just celebrated their 32nd anniversary. They have 4 kids and 4 grandkids with another on the way! (Grandkid, that is!). Chris continues his lawyering for the 24th year now, as an Assistant District Attorney.


Rich Arnold

Rich moved to Rio Rancho and started attending First just a little over a year and half ago. After placing membership he began serving right away. He has worked in the kitchen for VBS, helps in the Kid’s Clubhouse, has greeted and has filled in teaching Sunday School when Todd is out of town. Prior to coming to First, Rich served as an elder for 25 years at Northglenn Christian Church in Northglenn,

Colorado. Before that he served as an elder in his home state of Indiana at Northeastwood Christian Church. Rich is retired but was an air traffic controller for 34 years, having worked at Indianapolis International Airport and Denver International Airport, as well as the old Stapleton Airport before it closed. He has

been married to his wife Angie for 42 years. They have three grown children who are all baptized believers who love the Lord. His middle child, Joshua, whom you may know, attends First along with his wife Leslie and their two children. Rich’s philosophy is “bloom wherever God plants you,” so he is excited about the possibility of serving God here in this capacity and is ready to help continue First’s long legacy of being salt and light to its community.

Budget for 2023


Our Finance Team, Staff and Elders at First recommend an annual budget of $633,019.  On a weekly basis, we need $12,173 to fund our ministry and operations fully.


In 2022, First will Follow Jesus, with continued energy and purpose.  We will focus on Small Groups,

Children, Youth and Outreach (which includes both local and international efforts), and of course

Worship.  Through these areas, First will concentrate our efforts to have the biggest impact for His

Kingdom.  We are still searching for our Associate Minister and Worship Minister, and hope to have these

roles filled by the beginning of 2023.  The above Budget provides our ministry teams the ability to reach, teach, and impact our community like only First can.  We celebrate what God is doing at First and invite your active prayer and participation!


In preparing our annual budget, we take into account our current giving – the monies we receive from

your tithes and offerings.  For fiscal year 2022 (January 2022 – December 2022) we project our giving to be $610,000 (we estimate giving from the time we create the budget to end of the current fiscal year). 

This number is only general fund offerings and does not include the additional funds assigned to

designated areas.  We believe this provides a good indicator of our giving capacity and potential.


Your generosity in giving to the general fund and all the other outreach in 2022 honors God! We invite

you to grow in your giving to increase the impact on Albuquerque for years to come.

Let’s Follow Jesus into the new year!



Draft 23 Budget V2.0 - Publish.xlsx - Publish Summary.jpg
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